Always reblog the first ever picture

Awww, the best part of this is at first everyone was probably like pfft it’s just a phase don’t be ridiculous he’s not the one (Dan’s Dailybooth reply to someone saying it’s hard being away from the one) and forever is a bit ambitious (Phil in the comments of the the video that shall not be named) and here they are nearly five years later and nothing much has changed ^^

They seem more into each other than ever at the moment..  I don’t know how Dan knew he was the one, but clearly Phil felt the same very quickly..the comments on that video after just a few months of being together.. right from the start it was clear it was something very special. 



someone mentioned april fools today, and it reminded me that last year a couple of radio DJs got taken off the air and almost faced felony charges because they told their audience that the local water supply was contaminated with “Dihydrogen Monoxide” and alot of people panicked

Dihydrogen - (two hydrogen)
Monoxide - (one oxygen)

some guys almost got arrested for telling people there was water in their taps.